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Empowering Performance

Empowering Performance

Your drug-free path to a Podium Position

Powerlifter Credits Power Patches With Breaking the US Record

Read About Gretchen Patsios` Big Win

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champ Takes Silver at International Competition

Power and Balance Patches Compensated for Lack for Preparation
Innovative Products

Cutting-Edge Technology encodes stable, multidimensional Quantum Patterns on convenient carriers

Energetically Encoded

Timed Quantum Energy products enhancing your biofield enabling an enhanced body, mind and spirit

Long Lasting Effects

From 5-hour power to 7-day hurray, Beyond Matters products deliver what you need when you need it

Beyond Matters

A woman who set out to solve her own health issues has found a way of helping the world with science that goes far beyond what was previously deemed possible.

What our Customers says

I’m thrilled to have found the Quantum Patches, as they’ve been extraordinarily helpful to my overall well-being. They’re easy to use and powerfully effective. Recently, I started feeling sick, put on the Master patch, and started feeling better within minutes. What a remarkable support they are!

Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason

I started to feel run down and placed the Soft booster patch on my arm and within an hour I felt remarkably better with energy that lasted for days. Each patch contains a high-frequency energetic field of quantum healing that works on the body’s energy field. It is an extraordinarily complex design in a very simple-to-use patch. I am grateful for such a powerful and simple technology.

Lisa Garr, Host of The Aware Show

"After my sweet doggie Thunder was diagnosed with cancer and a respiratory infection, I purchased a Beyond Matters Master tag in hopes of helping her. Three weeks later, her cough is gone and she is doing much better"

Jocelyn, Denver

"These quantum products are incredible. I was practicing an extreme sport and was quite anxious. Seconds after applying the balance product I felt calm and focused. They simply work and fast"

Josee, Las Vegas

"I decided to try the horse balance bead. I braided the bead into his mane 2 days before the Trailer attempt. Wow! It took under 10 minutes to load him an NO sweat during the ride."

Judi, Boulder Colorado

Harmony for Horses

Give your horses the opportunity to relax and thrive regardless of their setting or situation. 


Balance Horse Bead



Master Horse Bead Large



Beyond-A Horse Bead