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Founder Grieseldis "Krissy" Ellis

Griseldis “Krissy” Ellis is an expert in a multitude of bio-energetic practices with 30 years of experience, developing unique techniques. She built her success on her outstanding abilities in the sixth sense and her ongoing thirst for knowledge in applied Quantum Physics and consciousness.

 Krissy is a transformational coach for both individuals and organizations, an international teacher and holds a bachelor’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology.  
Krissy is a dedicated seeker that never accepts a “that´s not possible” as an answer. She is never afraid to leave a beaten path, setting off to the unknown and to think the unthinkable thought. Krissy was born as a strong empath, seeing and sensing feelings and energy patterns all her life. 

  As a young adult she was in deep depression, shattered by over 65 allergies and abandoned by western medicine. The healing she then found through Kinesiology inspired her professional journey. For the last 30 years she has acquired deep knowledge in multiple techniques of applied Quantum Physics to solve challenges that seemed unsolvable. Since, she has been working as a practitioner and transformational coach with organizations and individuals in all walks of life.

She is a shifter of Quantum patterns, diving into the dense energy that appears as matter to us, weaving it into new patterns with higher frequencies that can unfold into a new reality for body, mind and spirit.   It is her greatest joy to have found a way to support people and our four-footed friends quickly and easily. She has created an energetic “software” for the bio-field that addresses and harmonizes energetic patterns and information causing disturbances. These active and stable, multidimensional Quantum-shifts are encoded on different carriers, making them easy to use. Like a virus scan on your computer, it recognizes certain energies and frequencies in the bio-energetic system and dissolves them (e.g., stress imprints). In the world of applied Quantum Physics, this process is no stranger than downloading an App.  In 2014 Krissy founded Beyond Matters® to make her cutting-edge technology available to the world, offering the individual a user-friendly Quantum-shift “to go.

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